Meet the Owner

Latasha Smith is a Louisiana State licensed esthetician. She earned her bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from Xavier University of Louisiana and later graduated from Blue Cliff College, certified in esthetics.

The youngest of three, Latasha was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her mom was a single parent and always taught her to keep God first and work hard for everything she wants. Latasha has two brothers, no sisters, and because of that she was a "tomboy" and was always playing with the boys.

When Latasha was 13, her mom became a Mary Kay consultant. She would go with her mom to their weekly meetings, where she began to play with makeup. Doing this absolutely changed her life. She started by focusing on skin care, because she was battling childhood acne at the time. By college, she began working for a company called Lush, which taught her even more about skin care. Eventually, she worked for Ulta, and learned more about makeup.

With the help of YouTube and many friends and family around her, Latasha began practicing and eventually started to perfect her craft. She has since obtained her license, and is striving to practice esthetics full time. Latasha has always been a giver and a helper by nature. Her vision for Royal Lashionista is to start a mentoring program for upcoming estheticians who aspire to be business owners one day.

She is fully aware that keeping God first and foremost in her life will take her anywhere she wants and needs to be.