Training Courses

At Royal Lashionista, we believe that education is key. If you're serious about your education, we're serious about you. We are currently working on a variety of training courses to present to you. Whether you want to jumpstart your new career or catapult your existing career forward, we'll definitely teach you how to master your craft just like we have mastered ours.

Group lash courses are available once every month. Visit the booking site here to view dates and availability. One on one courses are available by request. Contact Latasha at 504-701-3770 for pricing and availability.

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Classic Lash Extension

2- Day Training Course

Are you ready to start a new career in the exciting world of lash extensions? Well, this class is for you! In my classic lash extension training course, you'll learn all of the fundamentals that will follow you throughout your entire lash career. After you're certified you'll be able to: Set up your station, properly apply "eye pads" and tape, map an appropriate style, correctly apply individual lash extensions, apply bonder, check and edit your work, shampoo your lash extensions, perform a proper lash removal, and market your business on social media.

Day 1 - Classic Theory, Product Knowledge, Practical Knowledge, Mapping/Styling, Mannequin Practice 

Day 2 - Bring your own live model 


You'll receive a kit that will set you up for success: you'll have everything you need to immediately start making money as soon as you get home!


- 2 lash extension trays

- Tweezers 

- Glue 

- Glue Rings

- Lash pallet 

- Fan 

- Mirror 

- Primer 

- Bonder 

- Lash Shampoo/Brush 

- Rinse Bottle 

- Micro-Swabs 

- Spoolies 

- Styling Maps 

- Mapping Pens 

- Lash Remover 

- Gel Pads ("eye pads") 

- Micropore Tape 

- Mannequin Head 

- Extra Training Lashes 

- Training Manual 


What to bring? 

Bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn! 


Snacks and drinks are available and lunch is provided for Day 1. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let me know beforehand so I can accommodate.