Royal Lashionista was founded in November 2017 by Latasha Smith. The original name of the company was Lovely Lashes by Latasha. The company started as a retail only company, and only strip lashes were sold. After a year of doing numerous pop-up shops in the New Orleans area, Latasha decided it was time to take her business to the next level. She invested in an individual lash extension course, and became a certified lash artist in December 2018. She then began practicing and working out of her home and changed the company name to Royal Lashionista. After a full year of practicing/working at home, Latasha decided it was time to make a move into an actual salon. In February of 2020, she moved into The Cut Gallery, a barbershop on the westbank of New Orleans. A month later, the entire shop was closed due to Covid-19. Royal Lashionista was able to reopen in June 2020, and God has been blessing the company ever since. Latasha enlisted Royal Lashionista on Yelp and Groupon, and even added intimate care services for women and men. By God's grace, the company has received raving reviews. Royal Lashionista has FIVE STARS on both programs. In the summer of 2021, after much consideration, Royal Lashionista's contract with Groupon was cancelled. Also in the same summer, Royal Lashionista moved out of the barbershop and into it's own building! The future of Royal Lashionista is big and bright. The best is yet to come!

About Royal Lashionista